About Us

About Us

TIP - The Industry Pivot is a leading global technology company that focuses on bringing game-changing solutions to the industrial world with our intelligent, innovative wax technologies working in the engineered wood industry and changing the way wax is handled in production lines.

TIP is trusted by the world's leading engineered wood manufacturers to supply their highest-value latest innovative technologies.

Most engineered wood manufacturers are now considering their wax strategy and only TIP delivers an innovative and mature approach, based on more than a decade of investments and research.

TIP Wax Suspension Systems, supported by significant wax knowledge and expertise, provide unmatched performance and economic value for engineered wood manufacturers, enabling them to achieve savings and better quality.

At a time when reducing costs and providing products with better and new qualities are incremental to the business of leading manufacturers, TIP delivers a new category of solutions that help manufacturers achieve the most significant advantages.

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