Product and Technology

Product and Technology

Most engineered wood manufacturers are now considering their wax strategy and only TIP delivers an innovative, proven and mature wax technology and systems.

More than a decade of investments and research by a multidisciplinary team of engineers and wax experts was invested in our wax suspension technology and systems.

Our Wax Suspension Systems are manufactured, serviced and supported by G.Coil Manufacturing Ltd. Together, TIP and Coil provide reliable and intelligent suspension systems.

Unmatched performance and economic value make suspension systems a game-changing technology and along with world-class service enable manufacturers to reduce material costs, maximize productivity, improve quality and enhance profitability.

Our Wax Suspension Systems:

  • Provide unmatched wax performance and economic value
  • Successfully replace the use of emulsified wax with significant cost reduction
  • Significantly reduce slack wax consumption
  • Deliver a strong ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Easy to implement, operate and service

Suspension technology and systems are patented.

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